Local Vendors

Thank you to our local vendors who graciously provided donations to our annual 2016 Potlatch Fundraising Event. Your continued support of our gardening partners is greatly appreciated!

Backyard Bird Shop at www.backyardbirdshop.com
Bauman’s at www.baumanfarms.com
Brother’s Herbs & Peonies at www.treony.com
Cistus Nursery at www.cistus.com
Concrete Creations by Carla at www.concretecreationsbycarla.com
Cornell Farms at www.cornellfarms.com
D & D Nursery at www.danddnursery.net
D W Plants at www.danddnursery.net
Dancing Oaks Nursery at www.dancingoaks.com
Deep Creek Garden Center at www.deepcreekgardencenter.com
Drake’s 7 Dees Nursery at www.drakes7dees.com
Echo Valley Natives at www.echovalleynatives.com
Evans Farms at www.evansfarms.net
Flat Creek Nursery at www.flatcreekgarden.com
Garden Fever at www.gardenfever.com
Garden World at www.gardenworldonline.com
Grimm’s Fuel at www.grimmsfuel.com
Hughes Water Gardens at www.hugheswatergardens.com
Joy Creek Nursery at www.joycreek.com
Mt. Scott Fuel at www.mtscottfuel.com
Oregon Blues Blue Berry Farm www.Oregon Blues Blue Berry Farm
Oregon Decorative Rock at www.oregondecorativerock.com
Out in the Garden Nursery at www.outinthegardennursery.com
Petal Heads at www.portlandpetalheads.com
Portland Nursery at www.portlandnursery.com
Pro-Time Lawn and Seed at www.protimelawnseed.com
Red Ridge Farms at www.redridgefarms.com
Schedeen Farms at www.schedeens.com
Schreiners Iris Garden at www.schreinersgardens.com
Secret Garden Growers at www.secretgardengrowers.com
Supreme Perlite at www.perlite.com
The Artful Garden at www.theartfullgarden.com
Timber Press at www.timberpress.com
Tony’s Garden at www.tonysgarden.com
Yard’n Garden Land www.yardngardenland.com